Calvary Kidz

Our kids are an amazing blessing from the Lord, and we do our best to be as faithful as possible with them! Our teachers and leaders work hard to show and share Jesus' in their lives, and to ensure that parents and families feel safe and secure while their children are with us.

Our age breakdown is:

  • Serving Ages 0-12

  • Ages 0-1 (Nursery/Nursing Moms Room)

  • Ages 1-3 (Toddler Nursery)

  • Ages 4-6 (Preschool/Kindergarten)

  • Ages 6-12 (Elementary)

All of our teachers and leaders are trained regularly and have had background checks; so you can be assured that your children will be safe. Childcare is provided every Sunday. To see what to expect from a Sunday Morning just click HERE. If you have additional questions please contact our Children's Ministry Director Julie at

September 18, 2022 Service On The Green

The kids had a beautiful morning on the green yesterday filled with lots of laughs, fellowship and fun!

We are introducing a new rewards system to help incentivize Bible memory and reinforce positive and helpful behaviors during the class time. 

Each child will receive a punch card with their name on it. As they memorize verses, turn in completed work, or exhibit helpful behavior they will get 1 punch. Once the card is filled they will be able to pick a prize from our Calvary Kids Store which will be set up one Sunday a month.

Much of our curriculum comes from Superbook Academy. There is a link to the Superbook App that has lots of follow up activities and games.

Available on Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Apps

Just click or tap the link above or on the picture below!