Message on Maple

Message on Maple is a property that we own in town. We have had this property for the past few years. We acquired this property through the "Adopt A Spot" program in town. It is a large triangular piece of property located HERE at the intersection of Maple and High St.

Our volunteers of CC Naugy have graciously and selflessly dedicated their time to TRULY TRANSFORM this property so far. To see a short video of what this property used to look like --> WATCH VIDEO

We call this property "Message on Maple" because we see this property on Maple St as a perfect Message of HOW God loves us and WHAT His love does! 

God loves to take overgrown, messy, forgotten, and abandoned lives and then completely transform them to restore them back to the destined beauty that was His original intent.

It has taken lots of hard work, dumpsters, sweat, and multiple man hours over a couple of years to transform that forgotten, overgrown, garbage filled property to a safe, cleaner, food producing property. What a beautiful picture of what God does with our lives!

It is also so great to experience how the neighborhood has not only appreciated our transforming work, but has also contributed to it. This is a community garden that has benefited that immediate neighborhood and it has also benefited our town as a whole as we donate our produce to the Ecumenical food bank in town.

Progress on Message on Maple continues! Thank you to Christine, Rob, Roger, Jenelle, Ryan, Ella, Meghan, Nick and Jessica for watering and cultivating our gardens! They have been taking care of our fruit and vegetables on Message on Maple. Recently they have been able to bag up tomatoes and share with our Naugatuck community in that area. 

We always need help with this property, so if you would like to help us out in this great opportunity, please contact us at 203-632-6124 or email at